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by Kanvar yadav

Gurgaon continues to rule the roost in the NCR realty market as it promises high returns,while providing a secure investment environment at the same time,says A K TIWARY

Gurgaon is still the top real estate destination in the Delhi NCR's realty market,and a favorite for end users and investors.If you are looking to make investment in property,Gurgaon will be the best option because of high returns and a secure investment environment.

Top realty players like DLF,Tata Housing,Hines,Homestead,Unitech,Ansal API,Raheja Developers,Chintels Ltd,Adani,Godrej,BPTP,IREO,M3M,MGF Emaar,Orris Infrastructure,Antriksh,Assotech Ltd,Supertech,etc,have huge land banks here and come up with new projects regularly.

Most of these developers hire top-notch engineering firms like L&T and Shapoorji Pallonji,etc,as contractors,which translates into timely delivery of well-engineered products.

The best locations to invest in Gurgaon are Golf Course Road,Golf Course Extension Road and the surrounding areas,Southern Peripheral Road,and the developing Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway.

Investors are flocking to these areas owing to the new master plan which has focused on connectivity and lifestyle features.These areas come under the new master plan,which has made provision for superior infrastructure developments with wider roads,Metro connectivity,parks,etc,along with a good combination of commercial and residential mix of projects.


Vineet Nanda,a property expert,says: "In terms of appreciation,you are sure to get a well-appointed property that will not disappoint your expectations.Any new launch by top builders will fetch you an excellent return on investment.Undoubtedly,we believe investment in any of the listed projects on the Golf Course Extension Road,Southern Peripheral Road and Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway will give a substantial return in the next three years."


With improving infrastructure and fast connectivity,the realty developments on Golf Course Extension Road,Southern Peripheral Road,Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway and NH-8 has been considered the best region for end users as well as investors.

Golf Course Road is just minutes away from Mehrauli Road making it one of the best locations in Gurgaon,while the projects on Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway are close to the IGI Airport.

Rise in demand

A key driver of demand is the employment generated in Gurgaon.There is a large influx of well-paid professionals into Gurgaon every year,which translates into strong demand for housing in peripheral areas.

Clearly,the walk-to-work concept is in.Demand also comes from people who want a second home,either for spending their weekends,or for renting out.The NRIs also account for a large portion of this demand.

Sanjiv Srivastava,the MD of Assotech Ltd,says: "Compared to Noida,demand has always outstripped supply in Gurgaon.In several high-end complexes,corporates have bought apartments in bulk to house their senior executives.The biggest strength of the city lies in the massive employment opportunity available within a 10-15 km radius.The product specifications of newer projects are better than the older developments.Encouraged by rise in demand and good response for our earlier products,we are developing Assotech Blith in Sector 99 on Dwarka-Gurgaon Expressway."

Top-notch realty projects

Luxurious and high-end residential projects are becoming the norm in this Cyber City with the new generation of highly paid professionals demanding worldclass properties;developers,too,have taken the cue and are tying up with a slew of international designers and architects to raise projects that rival the best anywhere in the world.

DLF has plans to launch 13-15 million sq ft of development in 2013-2014,of which 10 million sq ft will be in the residential segment,while it has earmarked 3 million sq ft for commercial segment and 2-3 million sq ft in the retail segment."We have a deep focus on the Delhi NCR region;out of our total land bank of 340 million sq ft,we have nearly 50% of it here,"Sanjey Roy,senior VP (corporate communications) of DLF,said.

Haryana government has designated the Aravali range around Sohna town as a natural conservation zone (NCZ) in the recentlynotified final development plan of Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex.Developers like DLF,MGF EMAAR,Raheja,Supertech Ltd,BPTP,Mapsko,etc,have launched high-end luxurious projects with the panoramic views of the Aravalis providing the backdrop.

Raheja Developers' Revanta,in Sector 78 in the heart of Gurgaon,has a highrise in Surya Tower and a low-rise in Tapas Town with 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6BHK condominiums and penthouses of 1,200-5,000 sq ft.These are being built by Arabtec.

Spaze Towers Pvt Ltd has launched Kalistaa in Sector 84.Mapsko Group has launched a new project,Mount Ville,in Sector 79,Gurgaon.True to its name,the project boasts of scenic beauty and a picturesque view of the Aravali ranges.The project is being developed amidst nature with premium luxurious facilities.Developed over 16 acres and with 802 units.Another factor which adds up to demand is its easy connectivity from NH-8 and Southern Peripheral Road (SPR).

Amrit Singla,the CMD of Mapsko Group,says: "In today's fastpaced city life,everyone pines for a peaceful home.With this thought on our mind we planned Mount Ville,a range of Hill Homes,which will bring people back to the mountains and the greens.This project will not just provide scenic beauty but also a healthy living.We hope Mount Ville is appreciated by our buyers."Amit Raaj Jain,the chief marketing officer of Spaze Group,says: "Kalistaa has one iconic tower with G+20 floors.Spread over 2.5 acres,the residential colony brings contemporary and luxurious lifestyle in 62 high-end luxury apartments.This project has been designed by India's renowned architecture firm ACPL."

Supertech Ltd has plans to develop an integrated township of high-end luxurious residential housing set in the backdrop of the Aravalis in Sector 79,Gurgaon.Supertech has already launched Supertech Araville in Sector 79;this project offers 2- and 3BHK residential apartments facing a dedicated lush green area over 10 acres.R K Arora,the CMD of Supertech Ltd,says: "Supertech Araville is a premium residential project in the lap of the Aravalis.The project is an unmatched mix of amenities,conveniences at a strategies location."

Orris Infrastructure has launched Business Square,in Sector 82A,New Gurgaon.The project is a premium commercial complex having office spaces and hotels.Amit Gupta,the MD of Orris Infrastructure,says: "Business Square is over 9.5 acres,with a 5-star hotel being built on 2,00,000 sq ft.The project also has office space for upscale MNCs,budget hotels and a convention centre over 6,80,000 sq ft."



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Gurgaon: The destination for luxury living

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Gurgaon’s market has gradually moved towards the luxury segment. While it is now a destination for luxury living it has also transformed into an investors’ paradise. According to realtors and developers in the region, 70 per cent buyers in Gurgaon are investors as opposed to 30 per cent being the end users.

Sanjay Sharma, MD, Qubrex says, “Realty market in Gurgaon took off after DLF came up with high-end offices around 2001-2002. Since then, it has delivered high returns on investments. Proximity to the airport and national highway, along with excellent connectivity provided by the MG Road and the recently built Metro has been key drivers for the city.”

There are many locations, where one can find premium properties that have potential for further appreciation in capital values. “In Gurgaon, one should invest in Golf course Road, Golf Course Extension Road, Sohna Road, NH8 and Dwarka Expressway,” says Prashan Agarwal, Co-founder, PropTiger.com. Here is a snapshot of some of the famous upcoming areas:

Golf Course Road

In the category of luxury and ultra-luxury properties, Golf Course Road is one of the best locations to go for. Along with lush green cover, residents enjoy direct connectivity to south Delhi through the MG Road. “One can get properties in the range of Rs 10,000-12,000 per sq ft. Golf Course Road is a good option for buyers looking for luxury properties,” adds Sharma.

Golf Course Extension Road

In the premium category, one can find apartment projects being constructed by developers such as Emaar MGF, M3M Group, Ansal API and Pioneer Developers. These prices here range from Rs 8,000-10,000 per sq ft.

Sohna Road

In case you are looking for ready-to-move-in properties, then Gurgaon Sohna Road has many projects that would be ready in few months. Apart from projects by CHD Developers, Raheja Developers, Vipul Group and Vatika Group, even re-sale flats are available here. The rates here range from Rs 5,000 – 10,000 per sq ft.

National Highway 8

National highway 8 has always been a sought after destination. This is because it connects directly to Delhi and Jaipur. Prices on NH8 range from Rs 5,500-6,500 per sq ft.

The upcoming Dwarka Gurgaon Link Expressway has also been one of the investor’s favourite from past two years. Although it is still under construction, there is no dearth of builders and projects on this road. The prices here range from Rs 5,000- 8,000 per sq ft.

Buyers with varying budgets can find properties at various stages of completion. Capital appreciation is something which buyers need not care about as these are the locations which are set to grow in the coming time.

Source of information : http://content.magicbricks.com/gurgaon-t...rtypulse_mailer

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RE: Gurgaon: The destination for luxury living

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by Manoj1 • 2 Posts

Another News On gurgaon Reality

A manifold increase in the value of land in Gurgaon, especially in the last about eight years, has helped many to reap rich dividends, but the flip side is the erosion of social and cultural norms and spurt in crime.
The sleepy and dusty villages which were earlier part of the hinterland and rank rural belt have now become a part of the booming Gurgaon urban estate, courtesy the entry of private colonisers and urbanisation pushed in by the state.
The cataclysmic effect of this all is an exponential appreciation in the value of land. Although Gurgaon’s urbanisation started late in mid-eighties, it picked momentum in the nineties. Thereafter, the pace has been breathtaking, especially after the Congress came to power in 2005.
Jagdish Singh of Ghata village, who is a beneficiary of the boom in land value, said traditionally, Gurgaon was not strong in agriculture as the area was sandy. Coupled with lack of industrialisation, the populace was generally not well off financially till the late eighties.
However, with urbanisation, the government started acquiring agricultural land. The huge financial compensation to the farmers and landowners sent excitement among the people. With the passage of time, the compensation money increased due to period revision in circle rates.
It was a blessing from the sky to the farmers and landlords when private colonisers commenced business here. They latter include the DLF, Unitech, Ansals, Ram Prastha, Vatika, BPTP, Shobha Builders and MGF EMAAR, to name a few.
While in the mid-nineties compensation to the farmers was in the range of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh per acre, the amount increased gradually. However, the private builders now purchase land at whopping market rates.
They range from about Rs 4 crore to Rs 13 crore per acre. For example, a private firm has recently purchased land at Rs 13 crore per acre in Behrampur village.
Ram Dhan of Kakrola-Bhagrola village, who had windfall by the sale of his agricultural land said realtors and middlemen and brokers working as agents of private builders made a fast buck on account of hefty commission running into crores.
With business in real estate becoming a money-spinning vocation, every second man in villages, albeit lacking formal education and vocational degrees, took to it. Thousands of realtor offices mushroomed in Gurgaon.
With land value hitting the roof and accommodation becoming dearer, landowners in villages make money by letting out their premises to those in the low income group, including labourers, at high rates. Although Silokhra, Sukhrali, Ghata, Jharsa villages stand out, the examples are aplenty.
The other side of the story is disturbing. With fast and ready money in hand, men, especially the youth, appear to have taken to bad ways.
They are convinced that formal education beyond the basic level for a decent livelihood is unnecessary. Lack of formal education among the younger generation has made them brash and headstrong.
More often than not, youths in villages live life in the fast lane on account of windfall to the family. No wonder, a large number of glitzy liquor vends and restaurants have sprung up.
However, with agricultural land gobbled up in the process of urbanisation, they have no other avocation left. They are ciphers in the job market. Hence, the shortage of lucre after having burnt holes in their pockets drives them to all kinds of crime.
Although there are umpteen villages where agriculture land has vanished, Jharsa, Gawal Pahdi, Ullawaas, Ramgarh Dhani, Badshahpur, Tikri, Fazilpur, Shikohpur, Nawada, Naharpur can be cited as examples.
Other social evils the money contributed to is the deepening of the dowry system and ostentation on social occasions. Also, the land mafia has become active. It indulges in poaching of land and illegally set up colonies.

Source Tribune

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RE: Gurgaon: The destination for luxury living

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by niranjan

thx for posting sir....here is another news fr gurgaon reality

Water mafia' makes a killing in Gurgaon as booming construction industry flouts high court ruling

Gurgaon is fast running out of its ground water resource, thanks to the high-rises shooting up at jet speed in the 'Millennium City'.
Despite a high court ban on the use of ground water for construction purposes, real estate companies in Gurgaon are banking on the source for their daily usage.
The developers, however, aren't directly drawing the water but sourcing it from the local "water mafia", which has dug up wells in different parts of the city.Water tankers supplying the ground water move freely on Gurgaon's roads even during the day, with the authorities choosing to turn a blind eye to the violation.
Many building projects on Sohna road, Golf Course Extension road, Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), Gurgaon-Faridabad road and Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) are using the water supplied by the 'water mafia'.
Amit, a water tanker driver supplying ground water to a construction site in Sector 59 on SPR, said he makes 12 rounds with the tanker per day. The cost of one tanker varies from Rs 700 to Rs 1000.
When it's a bulk order, the builder is charged Rs 700 per tanker, he added.
"We have installed submersible pumps in the slum clusters near South City Part 2.
"We extract drinking water according to the demand of the builders. Usually, one building requires 70 to 80 water tankers in a day," he said.
Apart from South City Part 2's slum cluster, operational wells have also been dug up in Bandhwari and Gwal Pahari village on Gurgaon-Faridabad road, Daulatabad on NPR, Ulhawas and Ghata village near Sector 58

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