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and if the children like animals, also can decorate the lovely, such as the giant panda, zebra and other cartoon animals.Wooden keel skeleton is condole commonly used materials, wooden keel, commonly known as wood square, used to hold up the outside decorating plate, a support role.House below small make up together to share the wooden keel condole carries on the construction process.

Wooden keel ceiling construction process: pay-off, wooden keel assembling, hoisting installation, hanging somersault fixed keel, keel, installed along the wall paper reinforced gypsum board.Wooden keel ceiling construction process: 1, by taking the first step: determine elevation lines, ground level ground line as the starting point,

according to the design requirements in the (column) on the measure the height of the ceiling (plus the thickness of the layer board), and in the drawing out the standard business line (under the skin as a ceiling keel line).Usable level or determination of "water law".The second part: to determine the modelling a line: according to the design requirements,

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