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Whichever you choose, the floor, the first look at the product information if available. In general, the regular products have a complete product information: manufacturer, brand trademarks, product standards, inspection documents, instructions, certificate of quality, service and other documents with stores and the like, in order to ensure that the interests of consumers . In addition, a product difficult to distinguish and secondary products, more than 95% of consumers do not distinguish, unscrupulous businessmen often plastic fleur de lis decoration fence fool consumers to low-grade goods charge luxuries. It is recommended that consumers expertise to see the goods, inspection.

The main types of wood flooring solid wood flooring, wood no need to polish composite decking for bedroom flooring, laminate floors. When choosing flooring, the main attention to the following aspects to see. One: It is best not to buy flat type (ie no groove-like) strip parquet flooring. Although the price of these cheap flooring, but all flat-type wood processing accuracy are low, the vast majority have not been dried, after the pavement easily warpage. In the purchase of semi-finished wood floor, be sure to consider the total project cost. For laying method using the skids, but also the skids, the cost of materials such as wool board included.

Two: the best buy local products. Humidity difference producer and sales to the two regions is likely to cause deformation of the sheet. In addition, if the local product, such as quality problems, but also to find manufacturers timely treatment. When using tongue and groove type wood strip composite wood planks south africa floor, wood strip floor can be spliced ​​into a random square on the plate glass (or counter) on. Products should be the same thickness, the gap between the tongue and groove strip tight stitching should not be more than 0.2 mm. After the splice should be a square with a diagonal foot plate quantity, the error should not exceed 1 mm. Veneer strip between the tongue and groove should be smooth, veneer gap should not exceed 1 mm. Plate surface smooth, clear pattern, uniform surface layer of paint color. composite decking as kennel floor Wood flooring material should be the same, no insects, rotten, dead knots, color small, smooth surface, and the product should also be packaging, name and trademarks and to sell products responsible limits.

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