Rooney Mara takes a cigarette break on the set of Blackbird

Pretty as a picture:Throwing on a large, dark topcoat over a floral summer dress, Rooney looked every-inch the sultry Hollywood starlet while spending some down-time off camera

Sitting in a classic Hollywood canvas chair with white headphones in her ears, Rooney looked as if she was preparing to film some particularly intense scenes Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online.

At one point during her break from the cameras, Rooney was seen chatting animatedly to a member of the film's crew - possibly discussing events about to unfold during the course of filming.

Blackbird puts the Oscar-nominated actress opposite The Dark Knight Rises actor, Ben Mendelsohn.

The film is a hard-hitting story of a damaged romance that sends two lovers into a cataclysmic Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes, opposing cycle later-on in life.

Illicit lovers: Rooney and The Dark knight Rises actor, Ben Mendelsohn, play the lead roles of former-lovers Una and Ray in Benedict Andrews' Blackbird

The movie is based on the play of the same name by Scottish director, David Harrower, and is director Benedict Andrews' first foray into film.

In the film, Una and Ray (Rooney and Ben) are thrust together years after the pair enjoyed an illicit love affair which resulted in Ray being arrested and imprisoned.

Years after those events take place Newport Cigarettes For Sale, Ray has built a new life for himself, but when Una shows-up looking for answers the plot takes a thrilling and tense turn for the worst Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes.

As of yet there is no release date for the film scheduled Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, but Rooney will be gracing the cinema screens later on this year in the role of Tiger Lilly, in the Neverland-based Pan.
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