Agam's first story

In the film Forrest Gump is not only Free Newport Coupons a person born with a lower IQ but also have Marlboro Woman Cigarette the muscle problems. Maybe he is so unfortunate and can't be successful in doing anything in our mind. .Instead of that, this unlucky man owned lots of unbelievable achievement in the end. He become a war hero a football star and a businessman with lots of money. His name was known by the whole country.

The two women who influence Forrest's life most are his mother and Jenny, Jenny is the only one girl he always loves. His mother once told him "Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what that smell is the next one." Cigarette Tobacco Prices She is really a good teacher when he was a child. But Gimp seems never thought Newport Smokers about that and he did everything with his simple mind and #dfsdfzcvvbn1 never give up. Because of his "fool" and his quality he made it on his way. His girlfriend gave him love and also gave him power. Though a strong man like Gump can't stand someone's left. After that he did something unbelievable Marlboro Gold Original Price I really admire.

As far as I am concerned, most of us can't really understand Gump's experience. Even though we may look down on them. But when we see that true man on screen, I really
shocked by his everything about His pure nature. I want to do something I like all the time like that "fool" until I make it.

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